Saturday, January 29, 2011

I & Someone Conversations

Boyy : Would you be my Girlfriend?
Girl : No, im sorry. I don't want to rush anything.
Boyy : Understood.
Girl : Are you mad?
Boy : No why would i be?
Girl : Hmm, do you mind waiting? *feels bad.
Boyy : I will wait for you and i don't mind doing anything for you. You mean the world to me *singing a song to me.

Awhhh, babe thanks sebab nak tunggu i even i rasa cm berat nak accept you now. Thanks alot kay, i suka lagu tu :) Hihihi aileviyuu lahh, i guess.

On the phone at 2am in the morning.

Girl : (falls asleep)
Boy : Hello, are you sleeping?
Girl : (No response)
Boy : Hm, i've been meaning to tell you that...I love you. I'm in love with you. Uh, i always have been. Um, i wish i could tell you this when you're conscious. Hmm but..
Girl : (Groggy) Mm, hello?
Boy : Oh hii
Girl : I love you, too.
Boy : (Is crying)
Girl : Hey what's wrong with you?
Boy : Nothing, i just happy when you said that you love me baby
Girl : Oh okay
Boy : Hmm gtg, imissyou. Byee
Girl : Okay bye
Boy : Love you (end call)

Babee, aileviyuu shoomuch k. Don't be sad, okay handsome? Okay bye.*sorry ada banyak lagi yang dia cuba nak cakap tapi i lupa pulaa dah -.-

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