Friday, January 28, 2011


  • I just want to be with you, that's all
  • I should never have cared, But i did care. I cared a lot, And i still fucking care.
  • I wanna talk to you.
  • I get jealous easily.
  • Important sentences in a relationship : I love you, I'm sorry, I forgive you.
  • You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.
  • It just hurts, that's all.
  • You can keep all you Misery.
  • I'm not mad at you, I'm just done with you.
  • Sometimes the things we can't change, end up changing us instead.
  • Lying? I'm good at that. Telling the truth? That's hard.
  • I don't care about distance, I care about you.
  • You are the beautiful half.
  • Wait, they don't love you like i love you.
  • I know how it feels to be left behind.
  • Fuck what they told you, Fuck what they say, Fuck the lies, Fuck them.
  • I think i need sunrise, I'm tired of sunset.
  • You can't just throw me away.
  • For me, theres only you.
  • There is always hope.
  • I took the wrong turn and i just kept going.
  • Forever was no meaning when you're living in the moment. I wasn't ready for the moment to end.
  • I love it when you make me smile without trying.
  • You can't walk back in,not now, not after i worked so hard.
  • Imagine how many stories are hidden under just one smile.
  • My love for you was a bulletproof, but you're the one who shot me.
  • If heaven is up there, this is hell on earth.
  • When you love someone and they break your heart don't give up on lve, have faith restart.
  • I'm tired of wasting time on someone who could care less about me.
  • I didn't mean to be rude, But i meant what i said.
  • I've wasted too much time.
  • Hold on tight.
  • I am not a second fucking choice.
  • Sometimes, all you can do is hold on.
  • Don't say you miss me when you don't even try to talk to me.
  • Talking to you makes my day.
  • Asking is easy, hearing the truth isn't.
  • The life i really want to live only exists in my day dreams.
  • You can't have better tomorrow if you're always thinking about yesterday.
  • 2011 already sucks

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