Saturday, February 19, 2011

I take it from Afrina Blogger.

I believe love in first sight, But I dont believe with boys. Like you know, boys now days were so out of control. They can do whatever they want to us (girl). Like seriously, what the hell do you think about girls? We are not prostitute! We have our dignity and that is the most important to us. Dont you think? Like do you want your future wife get ruin by other men before you guys get married? No right? So watch out your step before you wanna do something bad to us. I know there are still a boys who really care and focus on what they are doing. They cautious about their behavior and dont do such things. Its a good thing you know.
Sometimes, I dont think that I can find my Prince in the future base on what i've seen to the boys out there, nowdays. They are all were so out of my dream boy. They cant be my boyfriend or husband. Im afraid if there is still no one. How? Hmm, I would rather be a single lady than get married with a wild man, seriously.
But i still hope there is a man who can care about me, understand me, know me out and in, love me with all his heart, and a very kind person. I know, sometimes we have to be a little fussy about boys but what can we do? We have to be careful girls. Seriously! dont you ever get easy to give your fucking priceless body to your boyfriend or anyone. Please, take good care of it. Thanks

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