Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lover to Stranger

My knees were numb, to think about all these time and what we had become. I wouldn't move, my hands were shaking. As my heart was breaking. While tears want to fall down my cheek, i wouldn't speak. I hold a smile on my face, because i know that you can't be replaced. I hold back my tears, and face my fear. As i slowly walk toward you, still thinking about we had were so true. The laughs that we had, how did our relationship become so bad? Countless hours on the phone, and now i'm left all alone. Each step i take, the more i feel like a fake. Can't even look at you in the eyes, not knowing what to say Hello or Bye. A few more meters until we will meet, i took at deep breath and ready to greet. We're close but yet we're so far, but the closer we are. The distance i feel, it seem like our fate are seal. We walk by one another, like we didn't know each other. We were once lovers, But know we're total Strangers.

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