Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long Distance Relationship♥

Long distance relationships are capable of lasting as long as the love between both lovers is true, Sure theirs bad things, Sometimes you feel lonely, you need affection, kissing, hugging, and when something bad happens to them or they are sad then that will make you want to be there for them, but with bad their will be good things, people in long distance relationships get to know each on a deep meaningful level, a lot of people that start going out is surface stuff, they party, hang out, go watch movies, ect. They do all this stuff to get to know each other. In contrast with a long distance relationship you’re on the phone learning about that person, Getting to know them for more then the outter appearance. Of course your attracted to them physically but you start to learn to love them for them. You start memorizing things about them, You start seeing them how they are, you start learning about their present and their past so you really get to know that person. Why the way they are, Your emotions to them are tied so strong to them, Its “lust Vs. Love” when you start dating someone, Obviously you want to be with them because you’re physically attracted to their beauty, It’s just the way humans are now a days. Usually with humans it’s looks Vs. Personality. With a normal relationship it usually stays that way until you get to know them. In a long distance relationship you skip a few stages and you get emotionally attached to them.
It may suck that you can’t really see that person, but when you do it’s so special because most couples who see each other every day can’t really appreciate the presence of  their boyfriend or girlfriend. But when couples in a long distance relationship see each other it’s so special, you can sit on a couch and just hold each other and do nothing, it’s so special that you’re with them, You can sit on a couch just talking and laughing because your communication is so good, your relationship is based on communication. You just learn to appreciate  and love them for who they are.
Any long lasting distance relationship needs to build a strong solid foundation for you two to grow on, you have to learn how to manage your jealousy, You have to learn how to trust them. Trust is important in every relationship, But it’s more important in a long distance relationship, you have to trust that they won’t do anything.
If you can do that then you are going to have a good future for your relationship and if that person is trusting then you will have a really good relationship.

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