Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kinda Boringg! And its for you bitch! :)

You don't know me, so why judge? Im not your average bitch, im the bitch who want back down. I said what I want, to who I want. Im not afraid to hurt your feelings. Im not a party girl but Im down to have fun. I tell it like it is, no matter who you are. I don't like liars or sluts. Fuck what you heard, keep my name out your trashy ass mouth. I got everyone I need in my life, i know who my real friends are and whos fake. I only trust a few people, and I have my bestfriends, so don't try to be mine. Bestfriends are for life, not a week. I can be your bestfriends or your worst enemy, and you don't want that ;) my hearts forever taken, reguardless where we stand so im not available. Sorry. Im a textaholic, and I hate being bored 339-3560<3 nice to meet you.
Im amieldaaaa <3

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To All My Followerss♥

To all yang follow my blog, Thank you so much k. I love you all nyah. And you all can search me on facebook, Amielda Ilynaa. Just add me k? I will approve you guys a.s.a.p when i go online, Thanks again guys. I love you all followers :)