Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Want To Forget him :')

Forget his name, forget his face.
Forget his kiss, his warm embrace.
Forget the love that you once knew, remember he has someone new.
Forget him when they played your song, remember when you cried all night long.
Forget how close you once were, remember he has chosen her.
Forget how you memorized his walk, forget the way he used to talk.
Forget the things he used to say, remember he has gone away.
Forget his laugh forget his grin, forget the dimples on his chin.
Forget the way he held you tight, remember he's with her tonight.
Forget the time that went so fast, forget the love that moved, its past.
Forget he said he'd leave you never.
Remember he's gone forever :')

*I want to forget him, forget those eyes & the way looking into them made me feel. Like my whole world was thrown off its axis into this alternate universe where, suspened in that one moment, there was only me and him and he was everything.
                           I WANT TO FORGET HIM ;(

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