Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Things.

There are many things we can do each day, 
Besides our regular work;
But the little things that mean so much, 
Are the ones, we often shirk.

Did you send a letter or card, 
To a sick friend over the way;
To wish him a speedy recovery,
Or some cheery greeting say.

Did you lend a helping hand to day, 
To a discouraged girl or boy?
A friendly smile or word of cheer,
Would have filled their hearts with joy.

And when you saw the blind and lame, 
Trudging wearily down the road;
Did you call a halt in your daily rush,
To give them a lift with their load?

Ah! Yes my friend, it's a little thing,
A cup of cold water to give?
But when you begin doing kind deeds like these,
You'll find it's worthwhile to live.

With Love,
Amielda Ilynaaa :)

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