Friday, January 7, 2011

Thanks Allah :)

Congratulations Amielda, you already forget the men who do not use it anymore! Huh,thank allah as heard my prayer. You show me the right way, I do not want the wrong wayYou give me true love, who can take care of my heart. And who can fulfill my life foreverI do not want the heartache caused by a man who likes to play my feeling just as woman. Give me, my family and my friends cross-reference path. Bestow well-being of us as your servant. Thanks again Allah, always thanks :)

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To All My Followerss♥

To all yang follow my blog, Thank you so much k. I love you all nyah. And you all can search me on facebook, Amielda Ilynaa. Just add me k? I will approve you guys a.s.a.p when i go online, Thanks again guys. I love you all followers :)