Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okayy today i did not go to school because i have no mood, i don't know why. Last night i mimpi of someone, and i do not even know siapa dia. He looks very good and he really care about me. Oh god, who is he? When i bangun je dari mimpi tu, i wake up and tears. I cry for no reason, i try call my friends but she did not answer call from me. K, maybe that time she was already sleep. Then i go to toilet, wash face and wipe the tears but still flowing. Ughhh, i can't do anything. Just crying crying and cryingg :'( god, help me please. I'm stuck with myself lately, why? I remembered Ammar Muhammad advice, read bismillah many times and try falling asleep. Alhamdulillah, i can sleep better :) Thanks Ammar, i love you. Around 4am dapat tidur then pukul 6am nak bangun balik? Err -.- bangun je around 6.30am pergi toilet mandi. K habis habis mandi je keringkan badan and siap pakai baju sekolah apa semua tibatiba i "potong" again. K terus tak jadi nak pergi sekolah, actl nak pergi sebab ada banyak benda nak ber"gossip" dengan kawan i. But dah potong en, nak buat macam mana. I tidur balik, and i mimpi benda tu again k! But kali ni punya mimpi lagi cm mengundang sikit ah, lelaki tu tinggalkan i -.- k cm i taktau nak buatapa. Petanda apa lah kan tibatiba i mimpi benda macamtu? God, i'm not strong anymore. What's wrong with me ha actl? K it's only just a dream, yaa i know that. But how if that dream was a "reality"? K i aleady could not want to imagine, k i dah banyak kali ditinggalkan oleh jejaka jejaka yang kononya "hebat" tu. Err babe, how could you be so heartless? *ha kan dah keluar lagu heartless aku -.- kk actl tak ada mood nak update post but err kkbaii.

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